Help U Sell Of Red Deer Realtor Reviews

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Fun, stress free transaction!

We were first time home buyers. We looked at a lot of properties in a saturated market. Our realtor® was helpful in making sure we saw everything available. His knowledge made it a fun, stress-free transaction. We would recommend Help-U-Sell® to anyone buying or selling.

Our realtor went above and beyond what could be expected during and after our buying experience.

— Jackson

Help-U-Sell® agent did very well. I'm proud of him!

The sale of my house went fantastic. Even though it was a rough market, my Help-U-Sell® agent did very well. I am proud of him.

I can’t speak highly enough of my Help-U-Sell® agent. He tells it the way it is; you can’t expect anymore than that. When you say a realtor® works for you, Help-U-Sell® works for you. Help-U-Sell® has sold a lot of homes in my neighborhood, I would recommend them to everyone.

— John

Positive and surprising!

For more than 3.5 months we were determined, trying to sell it on our own. We decided to call Help-U-Sell® and it worked out perfectly. I was not only pleased, I was surprised how simple it was. It’s a great way of doing business.

Help-U-Sell® had the contacts and exposure to sell our property, The realtor® was professional and courteous. We would recommend Help-U-Sell® to everyone.

Help-U-Sell® is professional and took a lot off our minds!

— Robert & Jackie

Help-U-Sell® sets the standard in service!

I wanted to move closer to family. I tried to buy a home with another Real Estate company. The service was slow, and the agent really pushed properties. I didn’t like it.

My sister had used Help-U-Sell® and suggested I deal with them. They were there to give me help immediately. Help-U-Sell® worked to show me the whole market in my price range. They explained everything. I finally bought a home I really loved, in my price range, Thanks to Help-U-Sell®.

Help-U-Sell® sets the standard for service.

— Marlene

Helped us save money!

Great Experience! Help-U-Sell® was awesome at keeping us updated on new listings. Calling often but never hassling! They were patient with us, never seemed to be to busy! Always making time. They were very informed on building and renovating etc., and always had or found an answer! They knew people in the business and offered different ideas to help us save money! I would recommend Help-U-Sell® to anyone and everyone.

— Lindsey & Steve

Brought 2 offers in 1 month!

Help-U-Sell® was recommended to us. We had our property listed more than 7 months with another Real Estate firm. Help-U-Sell® brought me 2 other offers in a month.

Our Help-U-Sell® agent made suggestions on what we needed to do to sell our property.

I would recommend Help-U-Sell®. They did a great job!

— Margret & Scott

Very friendly and efficient!

We found the company very friendly and efficient. All the questions we had they answered in a very timely manner. We were very satisfied with their professionalism. We absolutely were thrilled with the quick sale of our house. It was on the market for less than a month.

— Katy & Brad

We saved over $6000.00!

Help-U-Sell® is awesome. We saved over $6000.00 compared to other Realtors®. All I did was show my house twice. Help-U-Sell® did everything else. Our agent was always there and gave us all the service. We would recommend Help-U-Sell® to our friends.

— Venta

Sold quickly! Wonderful job!

I purchased my home from Help-U-Sell® and I was very impressed. My Realtor® was great and everyone I talked to at Help-U-Sell® was really nice. When it came time to sell, naturally I thought of Help-U-Sell®. My place sold quickly, and my agent explained everything and did a wonderful job. I would surely recommend Help-U-Sell®.

— Pearl

Strongly recommend Help-U-Sell®

Help-U-Sell® did fantastic. Straight forward, honest. Perfect Real Estate People! I STRONGLY recommend Help-U-Sell® to anybody buying or selling. I bought and sold, plus friends.

— Robert & Ruby

Sold in 16 days. Saved thousands!

Help-U-Sell® sold my house in 16 days and I saved thousands. The work was excellent, the brochures and pictures were beautiful. My Help-U-Sell® agent made sure I was well taken care of in every way.

— William

Sold quickly!

Help-U-Sell® agent was efficient. Never seen a company sell a home so quickly. Agents kept in touch. Agents gave great advise. So easy to deal with. So professional. Always kept us informed. Price…Agents were so much more reasonable, fees were very acceptable. Didn’t feel I got gouged. Help-U-Sell® has a way better price.

— Ken

Saved over $7500.00 in commission!

I have dealt with Help-U-Sell® 3 times. Each time I have been very satisfied with the service provided. I saved over $7500.00 selling my last home and Help-U-Sell® took care of everything.

Help-U-Sell® agents are knowledgeable and great to deal with.

— Della

Courteous and efficient!

My Help-U-Sell® agent and all the staff were very courteous and efficient. They were very helpful by putting up the signage up for us. They delivered our open house signs and continued to help us in every way needed. The paperwork was exceptional, and Our house sold within a month.

— Judy & Neil

Really impressed!

I was really impressed with how smooth everything went. This is my first home. Our Help-U-Sell® agent did great and very helpful through the whole process. I would recommend Help-U-Sell®!

— Blain

Everything taken care of!

Help-U-Sell® is awesome. Although it was a “tricky” deal, Help-U-Sell® took care of everything. I did not have to worry. The agents are thorough and were very helpful.

— Kerry

Excellent communication.

Had listed before. Saw Help-U-Sell® signs and contacted this company to assist me. The communication was excellent between Help-U-Sell® and myself. They gave me great advice. I would recommend Help-U-Sell® to anyone.

— Albert

Great advice!

This was our first home purchase. Help-U-Sell® showed us many properties. They gave us good advice, and made purchasing our first home a great experience. We would recommend Help-U-Sell®!

— Ashley & Lee

A hard sell town!

Alix is a hard town to sell a home in. Lots of properties had been on the market 2 to 3 years. My Help-U-Sell® agent kept with it and my place sold when I wanted it to. Help-U-Sell® was recommended to us by a lady that had sold her property with Help-U-Sell®. We would definitely recommend Help-U-Sell® to my friends and relatives.

— Jean

Impeccable service!

This is our first house in Canada. It was a very nice way to buy a house. Very nice agent(s) and impeccable service. We felt welcomed from the very start of the process.

— Brad

Patient courteous and kind.

Our Help-U-Sell agent was very courteous, kind and patient. They guided us in all matters, including financing and found the way to make our experience wonderful. We are so grateful. Help-U-Sell has been like the Wikipedia of Real Estate. No Stress and No Negativity. We will refer Help-U-Sell to many people.

— Lori & Kelly

Lots of experience.

Lots of experience. Always stayed in touch and kept me updated with new properties to look at.

Help-U-Sell reviewed my likes and showed me properties that fit my needs and likes. They helped me save money on interest and closing costs. Great Real Estate advice all the way through. I would recommend Help-U-Sell to anyone. Thanks Guys.

— Dave

Honest and Reliable

Our broker gave us an honest explanation on our homes evaluation. After marketing our house we received exactly what we were asking for and we saved money. Communication was good, honest and reliable. Our agent took care of all my questions and I was at ease with Help-U-Sell right from the start.

Help-U-Sell took care of all the details. I would recommend this company to everyone that asks.

— Marie

Incredible and amazing!

It has been an unreal experience. Help-U-Sell was very professional. They showed me everything available. Our agent was personable and friendly. The sale of my home went smoothly and SOLD IN 2 DAYS, during a difficult seller’s market. I saved money on commissions and got a fantastic sale price.

This company is awesome!

— Pearl

Accurate and honest

After trying the services of other Real Estate brokers with no luck we decided to call Help-U-Sell. Our agent gave us an accurate market evaluation and had a sold sign on our home in just 26 days. The sale process was followed up with every detail covered very professionally. We would recommend Help-U-Sell to our friends and family.

— Olga

Knowledgable and helpful.

I have worked with Help-U-Sell a number of times times. I purchased a revenue property and then sometime later decided to sell it and listed with Help-U-Sell. At the same time, I purchased a residence for myself. I found the service and the agent helpful and knowledgeable and I would use and recommend this company again. My agent listened to what I wanted and provided the service I requested.

— Gwen

Great sense of humour and knowledgeable.

I enjoyed finding my new home with Help-U-Sell. Their sense of humor and Real Estate knowledge was appreciated. I was able to look at MLS and Help-U-Sell listings with them. They went the extra mile finding me the perfect home and negotiating a good deal. I WILL recommend Help-U-Sell!

— Kristin

Very Professional

We bought our last home from Help-U-Sell so when we sold our home, we called Help-U-Sell. The listing was very professional, and our agent helped us throughout the entire process. Our agent even helped us locate a contractor when we needed to make home improvements. Our agent was a strong negotiator and we have recommended Help-U-Sell to our neighbors.

— Ron & Loretta

To anyone who asks...

This is the third time I have used Help-U-Sell. This company helped me save over $4000.00 when I sold my home, compared to other Real Estate companies that I had spoke with. Help-U-Sell has always done a great job taking care of all the details. You bet I would recommend Help-U-Sell to anybody.

— Lawrence

Excellent service.

I felt Help-U-Sell’s service was excellent. Our agent went overboard selling our property in a difficult market. I gave out my agent’s card(s) to other people looking for a great realtor & company. With a savings of $4000.00 and a fast sell we will always recommend Help-U-Sell.

— Erma

Easy process!

The process of selling my home was easy. After the price was set at an appropriate amount determined by my agent and myself. The viewings poured in and the interest was steady. I was very pleased with the results Help-U-Sell provided. Recommending this company is easy.

— Don

Savings, Savings, Savings!

Help-U-Sell sold my mobile home 5 years ago and found the perfect home for me to move into, in Red Deer. I just sold that house with Help-U-Sell. Even after all these years this company is still as helpful as ever. They are very professional, knowledgeable and always go that extra mile for their clients. They even helped me save $6000.00 and made the sell in 7 Days!

— Chris

Going that extra mile!

In June of 2005, I listed my property with Help-U-Sell Realty. The agent was very helpful, did whatever he could to minimize any stress, and was always available to answer my calls. He also took the time to explain all my options and answer my questions. Within one week I received an offer on my property and within one month it was sold for more than I had expected to receive! In my experience, Help-U-Sell “goes that extra mile” and I would recommend this company and their agents as Company and Agent of Choice.

— Donovan

We couldn't be happier!

We chose to list our home with Help-U-Sell in order to save money on Real Estate fees and we had heard positive comments from our friends. We sold our home for almost fully price and couldn’t be happier with the service, the company and our Realtor®. We would recommend Help-U-Sell to anyone!

— Juergen & Valerie

Reliable service!

We would like to thank Help-U-Sell for their hard work and commitment in helping us find our new home. Our agent was dedicated, hardworking and reliable. We felt very comfortable and would be pleased to recommend Help-U-Sell!

— Ranko & Jasna

Sold in 4 days.

After comparing Real Estate Companies, we decided to list with Help-U-Sell because of the low fees. Help-U-Sell sold our home in 4 days and saved us $3,560.00. We would recommend Help-U-Sell to anyone who wants to save money and get great service.

— Dough & Cheryl

Help-U-Sell listened!

The thought of buying my first home was very intimidating. I talked to a Help-U-Sell agent who helped me get pre-approved for a mortgage. My agent listened to what I was looking for and found me a home in just 2 days! I am now the proud owner of a house!

— Joelle

Worked as a team.

We liked the Help-U-Sell system because we were able to talk to the home owner. Our Help-U-Sell agent provided us with a lot of helpful information. We worked as a team with our agent and the sellers!

— Glyn

Thank you Help-U-Sell!

Our Help-U-Sell agent was very trustworthy. He explained everything and made us feel at ease. He did a great job finding us the right home. Everything went very well. Thank you, Help-U-Sell! A Job Well Done!

— Castro Family

Good advice and knowledge

Our Help-U-Sell Realtor worked tirelessly to find us a new home and sell our old one. Besides the best of service, he provided us with good advice and knowledge. We would recommend Help-U-Sell to our friends!

— Murray & Lois

A great experience!

I just took possession of my first home. I was a little apprehensive at first, but Help-U-Sell did a great job of showing me the market. My agent explained everything and took care of all the details.

Thanks Help-U-Sell for a great experience.

— Spence

Easier than we thought!

We purchased our first home from Help-U-Sell. Our agent explained everything, and it was easier than we thought it would be. We were shown a good selection of homes and our agent was able to answer all our questions. Thanks Help-U-Sell for everything!

— Scott & Kelly

Brought us 2 offers!

We were planning to build a new home and wanted to sell our condo quickly. We had heard Help-U-Sell offered savings to sellers. Our Help-U-Sell agent brought us 2 offers in 29 days. We would recommend Help-U-Sell to anyone who wants to save money and sell quickly!

— Calvin & Sarah

Help-U-Sell has the answers.

We purchased our first home from Help-U-Sell. Our Realtor® explained everything and it was way easier than we had originally thought it would be. We were shown a good selection of different homes to look at. Until we found what we liked, our realtor® answered all our questions and made us feel like real people with worth. When our realtor® found the home for us, we were SOLD! Best service we encountered in a long time.

— Scott & Kelly


Our Help-U-Sell agent was very trustworthy. He explained everything very well. He did a great job finding us the right house to make our home.

Thank you, Help-U-Sell.

— Carlos & Lilliana

Great System; Great Agents

We liked the Help-U-Sell system because we could talk to the owner(s). Our Help-U-Sell agent provided us with a lot of information and answered thoroughly any questions we had. We worked as a team with our Help-U-Sell agent and the sellers. We appreciated all the information and the Help-U-Sell Realtor®

— Glyn

Positive experience!

We chose to list our property with Help-U-Sell because we hoped to save money on Realtor® fees. Also, we had heard positive comments from friends about Help-U-Sell services. With Help-U-Sell we were able to show our property which meant we didn’t have to leave our house, with our pets when there were open houses or showings. During our open houses we were able to present many good features of our home. We sold our home for almost full price and couldn’t be happier! We would recommend Help-U-Sell to anyone who would like a positive experience while selling or purchasing their home.

— Juergen & Valerie

Help-U-Sell worked tirelessly!

Our Help-U-Sell Realtor® worked tirelessly to find us a new home, while helping us sell the house we had. Besides the best of service, he provided us with good advice and knowledge. We would certainly recommend Help-U-Sell to our friends. We never felt left in the dark.

— Lois & Murray

Hard working and committed.

We wish to thank Help-U-Sell for all their hard work and dedication in helping us find a new home. We would call Help-U-Sell first, should we decide to sell in the future. We could rely on our Realtor® and felt very comfortable and relaxed through the whole process. Help-U-Sell is committed to assisting their clients. Thank You Help-U-Sell

— Ranko & Jasna

Experienced and Helpful!

With this being my first property, I was a little apprehensive. After sitting with our Help-U-Sell Realtor®, I felt relieved and happy to find such a helpful company and associates. Help-U-Sell took care of everything and guided me with the whole process. It was never a bother for our Realtor® to explain or answer questions, and there were a lot of questions. I would recommend Help-U-Sell to everybody I know.

— Spence

Save money and Sell quickly!

We were planning to build a new home and wanted to sell our Condo quickly. We had heard Help-U-Sell offered savings to sellers, so we decided to try them. They brought us in, not one, but two offers within 29 days. We would recommend Help-U-Sell to anyone who wants to saved money and sell quickly

— Sarah & Calvin

Impeccable service

Thanks for everything! Help-U-Sell’s dedication and commitment left us happy and we went through the process with NO STRESS. We are very happy with the service and commitment to find us a new home.

— Dwayne & Wanda

Lower fees and great service!

We were looking for a larger property and after comparing Real Estate companies we decided to list with Help-U-Sell, because of lower fees. Help-U-Sell sold our home in 4 Days! and saved us $3,560.00.

Help-U-Sell then found us our new home quickly and we couldn’t be happier with their service. We would recommend Help-U-Sell to anyone who wants to save money and get great service.

— Doug & Cheryl

Great negotiators!

We purchased our first home with Help-U-Sell and we couldn’t have asked for anything better. Help-U-Sell found us a home that was right for us and negotiated a deal we were really, really happy with and so was our pocket book.

— Richard & Rikki

In a matter of days!

We met our Help-U-Sell Realtor® who far exceeded our expectations, while we were wintering in Vancouver. He constantly stayed in contact with us, letting us know about the revenue properties that were available in Red Deer. He worked effortlessly for us and we decided to have him sell property that we had in Red Deer. Being the Help-U-Sell professional that he is, he not only found us revenue property, but also sold our property in a matter of days. I would employ this company and their great service again and would highly recommend them to anybody thinking of purchasing or selling property.

— Brenda & John

Respectful and knowledgable

Excellent service. I was very happy dealing with Help-U-Sell. It was very comfortable, and I would use Help-U-Sell again. Our agent was very respectful and very knowledgeable. Help-U-Sell took very good care of us and we would use them again.

— Hans


Help-U-Sell was very lovely to deal with. Help-U-Sell was efficient and very effective. We could not have purchased a house in England as fast as we did with Help-U-Sell.

— Shirley & Norm

Full service with savings!

We were very surprised at how quickly our home sold with Help-U-Sell. We sold our home for more than we had expected as our previous realtor® said we would have to drop our price. Not Help-U-Sell, this team was amazing. We received more than we thought we would. We received FULL service and SAVED over $2000.00. We would recommend Help-U-Sell to our friends anytime.

Thank You Help-U-Sell!

— Wesley & Linda

We saved money!

I found out about Help-U-Sell because I met one of the Help-U-Sell Realtors® at a function. I met with the Realtor® and was impressed with his knowledge. With Help-U-Sell, I sold my house in 15 days!

Help-U-Sell provided great service and saved me money. I have already started recommending Help-U-Sell to my friends.

— Peter

Very happy!

We had our home listed with Help-U-Sell for 2 months. In that time, we were very happy with the way our agent handled everything. He was ALWAYS very professional. We were so impressed that we decided to have our Help-U-Sell agent assist us with purchasing another home. We were very happy with the properties we were shown and their assistance to make the transaction very smooth. We would certainly use Help-U-Sell again.

— Neil & Mikki

Sold in just 2 days.

We were inquiring about selling our mobile home when other realtors suggested we move it and sell our lot because we wouldn’t be able to sell them together very easily. We had seen Help-U-Sell signs and thought we would get their opinion. The agent was confident it would sell so we listed our property. To our amazement it sold in just 2 days. We felt very comfortable with our agent and very pleased with the deal. We are glad we called Help-U-Sell and are recommending them to our friends and family.

— Stephanie

Professional and personal!

It only took 4 working days to sell our home and we managed to save $1500.00 which helped purchase our new home. The service was totally professional and personal with great advice and helpful hints. I recommend Help-U-Sell to everyone. We would use Help-U-Sell again!

— Valerie & Bruce

Great advice

The thought of looking for my first house and all the steps involved were very intimidating. I talked with a Help-U-Sell agent who then helped me get pre-approved for a mortgage. My Help-U-Sell agent really took the time to explain everything and helped me find my new home. With the help of Help-U-Sell I am now a proud owner of my first house and I would recommend Help-U-Sell to every first-time buyer. They are knowledgeable and take the time you need to understand the process.

— Joelle

Great marketing system

In searching for acreages, a friend of mine took me to Help-U-Sell of Red Deer so I could see if their services could have some value in my search. I was glad my friend took me to Help-U-Sell. After telling the agent what I was looking for, he contacted me 2 days later with a few acreages. While I was going over my options my realtor® called and convinced me to look at one more acreage before deciding. How grateful I was, when we arrived it was the very place I had been looking for. Now I had to put in an offer and get my property sold. Help-U-Sell sold my property in just 35 days and now I am enjoying the acreage of my dreams thanks to Help-U-Sell’s unique marketing system and professional realtors®.

— Brenda

I had a good time

It’s a big decision buying your first home and I felt a little bit nervous, not knowing how things went. My Help-U-Sell agent took the time to find out what I wanted and what I didn’t like. Then he showed me what was available. There was no time wasted and we found the home for me fast. I ended up having a good time with my agent and I am really pleased with the house I got and the service that went with it.

— Tracy

Sold in one day

I had been trying to sell my house myself for over 3 months. I had seen a lot of Help-U-Sell signs around and decided to give them a call. One of the agents came over and explained how it worked, it sounded excellent. They had hundreds of buyers on file. Help-U-Sell worked for me and with me. They sold my house in only one day. I feel good about Help-U-Sell, their agent(s) and the service, especially the savings.

— Jason

Exceeded what we expected!

We went to Help-U-Sell to save money. We thought we would have to do a lot of things but Help-U-Sell was more helpful than any other realtors® we had dealt with in the past. We had an offer on our home in just two days and an offer on a new home the day after that. We are buying new furniture with the money we saved. Help-U-Sell wasn’t what we expected, they ended up being MORE!