Keep More of Your Equity

Just like traditional real estate companies, we offer full real estate services, but we give you something more, the freedom to choose if, and how much, you want to participate in the sale of your home. Thanks to our set-fee model, whether you do some of the work or we do it all, you still keep more of the equity in your home. 

In general, you can save the most amount of money by showing your home yourself and conducting open houses. Or, if you'd like a more traditional real estate experience, you can choose to allow a real estate agent to show your home for sale. You can also choose to place your home for sale in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and have other local real estate agents participate in the sale of your home.

No matter what your choice, you still save thousands compared to the cost of a traditional commission and receive a full selection of real estate services from our licensed real estate agents. Throughout, we manage the transaction, providing the same services a traditional real estate agent does including negotiating, helping you evaluate offers, finding financing for the home buyer’s mortgage, coordinating inspections and appraisals where appropriate, troubleshooting hurdles that may arise and more.

Save Money with Help-U-Sell® Real Estate

Our Help-U-Sell office is composed of a small and specialized team of expert real estate agents. Rather than promoting ourselves, recruiting more real estate agents or managing a huge staff as most traditional real estate offices do, we focus on you, the home Buyer or home Seller. Cost efficiencies from our small streamlined realty offices also add to the savings we pass along to you with our low set fee for service.

Upfront Certainty with Our Realty Services

Since our set realty fees are based on services provided rather than a percentage of the home sale price, you'll know up front how much our real estate expertise will cost and how much more of your home's equity you'll be able to retain. Fees are conditioned on a home sale and paid at closing. Our set fee translates into freedom to price competitively, to negotiate when necessary and, in the end, to realize more profit from the sale. 


The Help-U-Sell® program makes it possible for you to save on the sale of your home in three distinct ways.* Traditional, commission-based real estate brokers usually charge a fixed commission rate, perhaps 5% or 6% or even more no matter how the eventual buyer for the property is secured. The Seller ends up paying the same commission amount whether the listing broker finds the buyer or another broker finds the buyer or even if the sellers themselves finds the buyer.

The Help-U-Sell® concept means there is a correlation between what the Seller pays and how the property sells. The greatest savings occurs when the Seller finds a buyer himself through his own family and friends or by holding an open house. Significant savings usually occur when the Help-U-Sell® Office finds the Buyer. In most cases, savings even occurs when another brokerage brings the Buyer.

The Help-U-Sell® program means that one size does not fit all. We tailor our services to your specific needs and you pay according to the services that produce the eventual sale. It’s one of the many reasons why so many of our clients are delighted when their transaction closes.

*Commissions are always negotiable.